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How to Implement Sustainability into Business Performance

Historically, businesses only measured their performance from profitability but in the current era where climate change has become an area of concern, corporate social responsibility can’t be overlooked.


FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: What to Know Before Travelling

Here’s what you need to know if you are travelling to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Why Hiring has Become Difficult: Workforce Challenges

As the process of recruiting employees becomes more difficult, it’s important for companies to understand why this is happening.


Team Culture in The Office: How to Build it & Has Remote Work Changed Workplace Culture?

Find out how to build team culture in the office and how remote work may be changing your workplace dynamic.


Inflated Economy Has Gen Zs and Millennials Concerned: Is Now the Time for a Side Hustle?

For the first time in eleven years, the cost of living has risen as the primary concern between Gen Zs and millennials.


Servcorp’s top three most environmentally friendly USA offices

With World Environment Day getting closer, Servcorp delves back into part two of its most environmentally friendly office locations. This time we look at some of the most iconic and globally recognizable buildings which are making a green difference in USA.


Russia-Ukraine war: why are oil prices increasing?

Russia’s conflict with Ukraine has driven petrol prices to a record level nationally and crude oil has peaked up to US $139 per barrel, marking the highest cost the natural resource has ever been since 2008.


The Improving working rights of women in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia's economic flourishing overtime as well as King Salman's decision to give his son and heir Mohammad bin Salman power over the rule of law in the country has seen greater progression of women's employment and economic rights.


Coworking Spaces Will Continue to Rise in Popularity – Here's Why

The current shape of the economy, formed in no small part by the digital age, has given rise to a growing number of freelancers, telecommuters and start-ups. Rather than work in lonely isolation from coffee houses and home offices, more and more professionals are seeking a collaborative and cost-effective working space that promotes productivity.


Money Saving Tips for Working from Home

Working from home, or telecommuting is a growing trend in the business world. For individuals, it is seen as a chance to spend more time with loved ones without having to relocate or commute.


Four Low-Cost Ways You Can Expand Your Home-Based Business

Growing any business is a constant challenge and, chances are, today's economic climate is making things more challenging than ever.


Five Ways to Stay Healthy While Working In an Office

No matter how active your lifestyle may be, a desk job requires you to be seated for the majority of your time spent in the office.


Servcorp Spotlight: Sanda Grozdanic

Sanda Grozdanic started with Servcorp as Center Manager, 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue over five years ago. Overseeing operation and sales, we sit down with Sanda to see how business is evolving and leading through the next normal.


Four Simple Tips for Creating a Smart Home Office

While virtual offices can help your business flourish by providing you with a great business location, the best support team, and the latest in technology solutions for a fraction of the cost, it can be a challenge to design the perfect home office to use in conjunction with virtual office services.


A Look at Servcorp's Avenue of the Americas Location

How could you find a better office location than steps away from Central Park, right next to the Museum of Modern Art? On lunch breaks, you can step out into the city, or take a coffee break and stroll through the park.


Around the World and Back Again: Servcorp's Coolest International Locations

Servcorp has locations all over the world, at your fingertips. If work allows you to travel, work worldwide in style in some of our incredible locations. We take pride in our addresses, and each and every location offers something a little different. We offer some of the most valuable business addresses in the world, curated by our staff.


Dallas, Texas: Attractions and Things to Do

Everything is bigger in Texas, and Dallas is no exception. With good weather and a good culture, Dallas is a great place to spend time. The beautiful city is in an ideal location, with trips to Austin, New Orleans, and other cities just a good drive or short flight away.


Get to Know Park Avenue: Your Future Office Home

In the heart of the city that never sleeps, Park Avenue not only connects you to New York City, but to the rest of the world.


The Best Office Address in the World: One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is more than just an office building: it's an ode the strength and resilience of our country. The passion of New York can be seen reflected in its windows, and the best professionals and companies in the world call the building “home.”


Things to Do in Houston's Theater District

Houston is a city of hidden gems. With stretching parks located between gourmet and innovative restaurants, there's always something to do in Space City.


Things To Do In Los Angeles' Financial District

Whether you're a Los Angeles native or are headed to The Golden State for business purposes, there's plenty to do in the land of sunshine, sandy beaches, and Hollywood glitz and glamour.


Things To Do In Midtown, Atlanta

Whether you're early to a morning meeting or have time to kill between presentations, you might be wondering what the city of Atlanta has to offer. With a population exceeding 447,000, it's easy to get lost in “the city in the woods”, especially for a visitor or recent transplant.


Things To Do In Midtown Manhattan

Home to some of the city's most iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building and the United Nation Headquarters, Midtown Manhattan is the largest business district in the United States.


Things to Do in Orange County, California

Orange County is one of the hidden gems of Southern California. Between Los Angeles and San Diego, its beach proximity offers incredible weather all year round, and its thriving creative community guarantees the best in food and drink.


Things To Do In River North Chicago

Conveniently located near public transportation, and plenty of restaurants and shopping options, the River North neighborhood of Chicago hosts the second-largest concentration of art galleries in the United States.


How to Reduce Your Business Expenses

Creating a successful business can be as much about cutting unnecessary expenses as increasing sales. While this sounds cut-and-dry, the issue is identifying which of your current expenses fall into the ‘unnecessary' category.


Things To Do In The Chicago Loop

Whether you're in town for the world-famous Lollapalooza or permanently work in one of the historical high-rises, there's plenty to do in the government, financial, theatre, and shopping districts of the famous Chicago Loop.