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Cybersecurity and Ransomware: Best Business Practices to Remain Safe

Here are a few key elements which should be part of your cybersecurity strategy to keep up with evolving cybercrime and ransomware.


What is Marketing Automation and How Does it Help?

As consumers become more aware of marketing strategies and are exposed to marketing material on a daily basis, greater technology is necessary to create and measure improved marketing campaigns.


6 Digital Trends Which Are Shaping Marketing & Consumer Life in 2022

As we are in the midst of 2022, several digital and technology trends have emerged, and some which were on the rise have now solidified themselves as mainstays.


The Future of Work: What an office in the Metaverse Could Look Like

Learn how virtual reality could change the way we work through the future of the metaverse. See why technology companies are focused on creating immersive, 3D spaces and why it's important for businesses to consider using them.


What is a cloud-first strategy and why is it the future?

Cloud computing is expected to shape the foundation of businesses by 2025 and understanding the function of a cloud-first strategy will be crucial for organisational development.


The Best Apps for Small Business Owners

Those who run a small business often wear multiple hats: from handling customer complaints to monitoring expenses, there is little that goes on without their oversight.


Should You Consider a Virtual Office for Your Home-Based Business?

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to keep their overhead down, while maintaining productivity and financial growth. One way to keep costs down is to use a virtual office, which provide businesses with the opportunity to work remotely, while still enabling them to meet clients in a professional setting.


Servcorp Onefone - One number, One bill, Onefone

Servcorp is pleased to announce the launch of the latest IT and communications product designed to help you do business more effectively. Servcorp Onefone offers you a better way to stay in touch wherever your work takes you!


How to Handle Reputation Assaults in the World of Social Media

Social media can be the single best or the only worst thing to happen to your business. If you can create a voice and a brand over social media, you'll be able to reach and communicate with a worldwide audience.


How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

Negative reviews are a fact of online retail and your response, or lack thereof, will not go unnoticed. Rather than viewing negative reviews as a threat, you should instead look at them as an opportunity.