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How to start your own law firm from home [2022]

By Varun Bodhi


One of the biggest costs of running a law firm is the office space required to facilitate a professional and reputable service. Although operating from home provides a factor of convenience and the freedom to set your own hours, it also presents the challenge of not knowing how clients will perceive your firm. 

Here are a few effective solutions to propel your firm into an established and credible legal service provider. 

Get a business address

When your firm appears in a Google search and its business address belongs to a home or an apartment, a client is more than likely to continue searching for another lawyer. This is because the service an attorney delivers can be costly and a potential client is always seeking a result driven solution – a home address simply does not provide peace of mind as it makes the firm appear unreliable. 

A simple and cheap solution is to sign up for a virtual office. For example, Servcorp’s virtual office can provide businesses with a prestigious address in any of its 150 global locations which are in the financial districts of cities.  Whether your firm is in America, Australia, Singapore, Japan or from any of our selection of 23 countries, simply choose which building suits your firm best and you can now register your business address as that location. 

As an example, let’s say you choose our 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue location near the White House as your desired address. 

This address can now be used on your website, business cards and any form of marketing content you produce. When you get an address with Servcorp, included in the solution is complete mail and courier management which can be delivered to your home address. Since more than 90 percent of potential clients use the internet to find a legal service, this will enhance the perception of your firm.

While leasing traditional office space comes with long-term agreements and high costs, this can obtained at a very low cost from Servcorp, along with your first month free! 

Although a business address can be bought as a stand-alone product, there are many other benefits from the virtual office which can complement a home-based law firm. 

But for now, your legal firm is one step closer towards propelling itself into the market. 

Have a place to meet clients

Now that your firm has an address which displays success, you need a place to meet with your clients which exudes the same level of professionalism. Although the law firm is at home, it needs to deliver the best impression at the lowest financial outlay. 

Meeting in a café is taking a step back from the trajectory you are aiming for and will not help you close deals. This can be easily solved by having an allocated temporary meeting space. 

As part of Servcorp’s virtual office, you have access to our coworking area for up to three hours per day for free. This access is extended by letting you utilise any of our coworking spaces globally, meaning if you have a client in another city, state or even country, you will always have a professional environment to support your firm. 

Servcorp also gives access to fully furnished meeting and board rooms for clients that you want to really impress. 

Save time by delegating tasks

As an attorney, there will be many times where you must shut out all distractions and focus on your work. Unfortunately, you can’t put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ as each potential call is a client that may be offering you work. 

This is where a receptionist is extremely handy. 

As part of Servcorp’s virtual office, your legal firm can have a dedicated and local receptionist which answers all of your calls in your business name. Servcorp's receptionist will take all messages and relay them to you via your preferred method, which is crucial for your firm’s ability to follow up on inquiries. 

Not only is this beneficial for acquiring more clients, but it also adds another element of professionalism for your firm while operating from home as the receptionist will be your first point of contact before the call gets forwarded to you. 

Through the virtual office, your firm now has a professional address in the city, workspaces you can access globally, along with a receptionist to ensure you can stay as productive as possible. 

Dress professional

You may be working from the comfort of your home, but now that you have chosen to make it your dedicated workspace, it needs to reflect in everything. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit, as long as it’s something that places you in a mindset for productivity then it is appropriate. 

The workspace should be far from distractions such as the TV and it should equipped with all the necessities including a reliable laptop, webcam, ergonomic chair and fast internet. 

Set a schedule

Last but not least, set yourself a business hours' time frame. It can be easy to get caught up in working for extended periods of time while working from home, but the last thing you need is burning out. 

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