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Remote Working: The Best Medicine for Burned Out Employees

Burnout in the workplace is a common issue that employers and employees have to deal with all the time. Perhaps you've experienced it yourself or have seen the signs with others in your workplace. Lack of engagement and interest, higher levels of stress, and increased procrastination all lead to a significant reduction in productivity which can severely harm your business' ability to operate.


How to Make Your Company More Attractive to Gen Y Employees

Millennials are quite literally the future. As they continue to innovate and bring creativity to markets that may have been lacking before, bringing them into your business is essential for continued growth and success. Gen Y employees have grown up in a different world than Gen X employees, and therefore have different workplace expectations and goals.


The Pros and Cons of Employee Background Checks

In many industries, it is standard procedure to run background checks on prospective employees before officially offering them a position.


How to Fight Employee Burnout

If you've noticed your employees are more irritable than usual, are calling in sick more often, and aren't as productive, have you stopped to consider that the problem may not be the employee, but rather their job? They could be suffering from employee burnout: a state of emotional and physical exhaustion caused by a long period of stress and resulting in a feeling of emptiness and frustration.


Office Space Per Person – How much do I really need?

Not sure how much office space per employee you need? Let us help. See what you should factor in, including office layouts and future business needs.


How to Overcome the Talent Shortage

So, you've found the candidate you cannot live without. They have the education, the experience, and the drive you are looking for. Guess what? You probably aren't the only company that's interested in hiring them.


How to Create a Non-Compete Agreement

As a small business owner, you've invested a lot into your ideas – so much so that having new employees sign non-compete agreements seems almost second nature.


How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Coworking Desk in the USA?

The concept of coworking has been around for decades, however since Covid the desire for flexible workspace solutions for employees and businesses has become more viable than ever.


How to Create a Hybrid & Remote Teams Policy Template

Although hybrid working is now relatively common and employees now expect this from businesses, it is important to set rules and have policies in place to ensure productivity remains the same.


What is Coworking?

Coworking spaces are being adopted by more large companies aiming to eliminate the cost of under-utilized and empty office space, and also give employees greater flexibility when and where they work from. Although this is an important factor, coworking spaces offer a lot more than simply reducing business expenses.