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How to Overcome the Talent Shortage

How to Overcome the Talent Shortage


So, you've found the candidate you cannot live without. They have the education, the experience, and the drive you are looking for. Guess what? You probably aren't the only company that's interested in hiring them. More and more, there seems to be a lacking of top skills across the board. Higher college education rates coupled with a workforce that's expanding make it tough to not only find the right candidate but keep their attention long enough to schedule an interview. Where are these skilled workers and how can you find them? Here're some tips on how to turn the tables in your favor and get top talent into your company.

1.       Change Your Recruiting Tactics

At some point, word of mouth, job boards, and formal recruiting events may have worked just fine, but the millennial generation responds to different things. If you are going after younger talent, these formal tactics are constraining and can hinder you from finding the right employee. Whether it be going out for a round of drinks, contacting your ideal candidate via social media, executing a well thought out recruiting campaign, or holding events at local colleges and recruiting from there, you have to take the first step in finding good talent.

2.       Stay Competitive

When there is a top talent, there is going to be competition. You need to make your workplace more appealing than all others. Let go of the constricting 9-5 concept, and offer candidates something that others want. Graduates today are looking for more creative roles than ever, with a good work/life balance. If you make your workplace somewhere that people want to work, the best talent will choose you over other companies. This starts at company culture and extends into everything. From half days on Fridays to allowing employees to work from a virtual office, to supplying coffee and breakfast every morning, it is the little things that matter.

3.       Create Your Dream Employee, Don't Wait For Them

The best way to find the perfect employee is not to wait for one. If you bring someone into the company and help them become an integral part of the company, they will become the employee of your dreams. What you put into them, they will give back. Invest in training opportunities for the employees you do have and consider promoting from within. People can learn and, in all actuality, there is no “perfect candidate,” so look for potential in those who do come walking through your door for an interview.

4.       Don't Make Excuses

The last thing you should do is avoid using the talent shortage as an excuse for your failure. To get to this point in your career, you have had to step outside of the box and innovate, and finding top talent no different. Put yourself in a position where you become the hot commodity, and you may just notice your inbox filling up with job queries. It all starts with company culture and building from the ground up. Be open to recognizing current issues and responding to current employees. Word of mouth does a lot, especially with small businesses. People constantly network and having a few people brag about your company cannot hurt, especially if it is from their peers. Focus your attention on creating a great atmosphere, and people will feel that and want to be there.

Don't see it as a talent shortage, see it is an opportunity to find the best people. Build your perfect employee instead of waiting for someone to come to you ready-to-go in a perfect package. Invest time in creating a culture that people would want to join and networking with people you see potential in. The time and effort that goes into this will make all the difference. In no time, everyone else will be complaining about the talent shortage, while you are enjoying great growth and bringing new employees into your company culture.

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