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How to Create a Hybrid & Remote Teams Policy Template

By Rebecca Devlin


In light of Covid-19 and the global pandemic it has caused, many businesses are now enacting a more flexible or hybrid approach to working. This means that employees may now be required to work from home, or that the traditional office setup is no longer feasible in all situations. Although hybrid working is now relatively common and employees now expect this from businesses, it is important to set rules and have policies in place to ensure productivity remains the same. To assist businesses in this process, Servcorp has created a downloadable Hybrid & Remote Teams Policy Template which can be found on the bottom of this article.


The consideration on who is allowed to work remotely is dependent on the job position and relies on being able to complete them in a remote setting with high efficiency. The eligibility process of hybrid work should be kept transparent, so that employees are aware of the expectations and how they can apply to work remotely if they wish to do so.

The strictness of who may remotely work is completely up to the organisation, and is interdependent on many factors such as costs, hybrid capabilities, team culture, business structure etc.

Types of Remote Work

The Hybrid & Remote Teams Policy Template also includes a section on the types of remote work that are allowed. For example, some companies may only allow employees to work from home on certain days, or for a certain number of hours per week. Others may be more flexible, and allow employees to work from home whenever they wish, as long as they complete their hours and meet their targets. It is important to set these parameters so that employees know what is expected of them, and so that there is a clear distinction between work time and personal time.


Communication and collaboration is another highlight of the template, to ensure a seamless transition from the office to home. This is important, as hybrid/remote working can sometimes make it difficult to stay in touch with colleagues and maintain good communication. This section includes guidelines on how often employees should check in with each other, how to use video conferencing and other collaboration tools, and how to resolve any issues that may arise.

Performance Indicators

The Hybrid & Remote Teams Policy Template also includes a section on performance measurement. This is important, as it will help businesses determine if employees are able to work well under hybrid and remote working conditions. This section includes guidelines on how to measure employee productivity, how to set goals and targets, and how to give feedback.

Overall, the template is a valuable tool for businesses who are looking to implement a hybrid or remote working policy. It includes all the necessary information on how to set up such a policy, and how to ensure that it is effective. By using this template, businesses can be sure that they are providing their employees with the best possible working conditions, however it is important to note that altering the template to suit your organisation will create the best results.

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