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Working remotely is more than a trend, it’s here to stay

Working remotely is more than a trend, it’s here to stay


The past years have shown a significant increase in remote working trends. Everyone from the employers to the employee have seen flexibility and opportunity from the ability to work from home, and this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has cemented that it’s here to stay.

Studies conducted in the previous few years proved that companies saw many benefits with remote work arrangements as they adapt it to become a normal part of the business setting.

As technology progresses, the current processes are set to still evolve and much development is expected in the years to come that make working from home easier and more productive. We have already seen the digital transformation of the workplace as many companies want to cut overheads and start using coworking spaces or giving employees flexible opportunities.

In Paul Jarvis’s book, The Company of One, Paul writes that Automattic (the company behind Wordpress) closed its 15,000 square feet office space since only a small handful of its 550 employees actually choose to come into the office! With the option to work remotely, most of their team opted and as a result Automattic reduced their formal office space.

Keep in mind, with the recent global Coronavirus situation, companies must be ready for their employees to be able to work from home. It is safe to say that today, the future trend of remote work is here to stay.

Now the question is this: As a company, can you run your businesses efficiently and effectively out of the office? Can you transition from the traditional corporate work to allowing for a more nomadic digital setup? The answer to both of the questions is a resounding yes, and it is easier than you think.

Read below five ways you can prepare your company and team to a remote work solution.



  1. The right tools and software

One of the advantages of technology is that is can connect people easily from all over the world. You may be working on a different country but still, be able to connect and talk to your team by using your computer or smartphone. This is very important when it comes to meeting and collaborating as a team. Tools like Zoom, Skype, Zoho Meeting, and Google Hangout are some of the best apps you can use to connect.

Software like Asana, Slack, and Trello can also help you with organizing tasks with your team. Through these, you can add work and set deadlines online for team accountability.

Remember that online communication software can’t fully replace face-to-face communication but they are a great aid and can get the work done. If you are opening up your company by allowing a work-from-home setup, you must get the right tools in play. They are often very easy to use. Make sure to equip your employees as well with things they need to work like fast internet, a good smartphone, and updated software on laptops or computers.

  1. The right support system

Aside from digital software to aid with work, there are also a lot of service providers offering support to your business through investing in a “Virtual Office” space.

So what is a “Virtual Office”? This thing has been around for quite some time now and surprisingly, has been used by a lot of companies even as early as the 1980s. It is only now starting to ring a bell amid a digital transformation and because there are a lot of companies that are open to using it.

In short, it allows a company to rent the normal trappings of an office complete with a phone number, premium address, and even your own receptionist to answer your calls and have it transferred to you, even if you are away from the city or country.

One of the well-known providers offering Virtual Office solutions is Servcorp and we have virtual offices (and real offices!) all over the world on the best floors in the best buildings.

  1. The right people

If you head a company that is adapting work flexibility by allowing employees to work from home, you need to be able to trust and let go. It gives employees more freedom but since you can’t see or monitor what everyone is doing, you have to base everything on the output and trust that your people can deliver. If your company also provides flexible hours, you may want to ensure you have some continuity with the right team.

If you are a company that is from the beginning, already working with freelance work providers remotely, you want to be able to find the right people to trust. Upwork is a good place to start. There are a lot of freelancers on Upwork offering various services so it won’t be difficult for you to find the people you need. There are also companies providing services you need like IT, administrative, and content creation.

If you are after bona-fide professional team members, then often you’ll find a support team available with your Virtual Office provider. With Servcorp, for example, you automatically get access to over 1000 team members spread across 23 countries. Their job is to essentially help your business when you need it and with billing in 10 minute increments, it can be pretty cost effective.

  1. The Right Network

If you are working from home, don’t let this stop you from expanding your network and widen your horizon. For one, you can make new business connections or professional network through LinkedIn or Facebook by joining professional network groups. It’s also worth considering organisations you are already a part of. With a Virtual Office at Servcorp, you get access to our global community of over 60,000 people with Servcorp Home. These people are businesses you can message, sell to and collaborate with. Whatever provider or Coworking space you work from; you may find something similar.

  1. The Right Mindset

If you’re new to working from home, you may find it hard to collaborate virtually. But remember that the face of the workforce is changing and you must have the right attitude and right mindset to adapt.

Yes, you can get the work done even if you are not going to the office every day and yes, it is even more effective for some people but the key is to keep learning, adapting, and expanding your network. If you are not in forced isolation, it is still essential to meet once in a while in person to re-align and set a good mindset for work.

If you are working from home and still need an ‘office’ there are many options available. There are a lot of Coworking spaces available for rent and you can still have your important meetings or team building once a month.

Apart from providing virtual offices, Servcorp is also a great resource for Coworking spaces. We have Coworking spaces all over the world in top CBD business towers. Coworking spaces are cheaper than renting a full office for a month or a year and it is a great place for a team to get together.


By keeping these five ideas in mind, you’ll be right on your way to work efficiently and effectively anywhere! Remember the demand for remote work is growing. As more and more workers are pushing for more flexible and digital working spaces, the process is set to be more than just a trend. It is here to stay, so watch this space!


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