Blog Business & Networking What is Hot Desking? Why it’s beneficial for businesses to increase productivity and collaboration?

What is Hot Desking? Why it’s beneficial for businesses to increase productivity and collaboration?


What is Hot Desking? 

Hot-desking is a workstation system in the office in which desks are utilised by different people at different times throughout the day, on an ad hoc basis. In today's business world, hot desking has become a normality, allowing people to move around desks within a day, making it useful for both self-employed people and large businesses corporates to keep productive and connected while on the move. Servcorp offers a range of hot desking services within Coworking spaces.

Typically, the goal is to make the most efficient use of space, therefore eliminating the waste of under-utilised office space. Hot desks may be used in both private offices and coworking environments. The freedom to work wherever, and at a different desk space often increases employee creativity, motivation and productivity, as well as promoting the social aspect, and therefore cross cooperation.

How does Hot Desking work?

The Hot Desking system is as simple as finding an available desk within the shared environment, plugging it in, getting technology set up and commencing work tasks. Hot desking provides workers with flexibility to work in either fully serviced or Coworking office environments. Therefore, this means the logistics of hot desking will vary depending on the space, with some key factors to consider below.

Access to power outlets and phones

Hot desks typically come with their own power outlets and WiFi connection. In shared coworking spaces like Servcorp, there are specific spaces dedicated for phone conversations including phone booths and communal lounges. If you're wanting a permanent desk phone, this will be available in Servcorp's fully serviced offices.

Shared Meeting Rooms

Most hot-desking arrangements within shared coworking spaces allow you to book meeting rooms through an app or a web login. 

Printing Services

Hot desking frequently includes a centralized printer that users may access with an app or through a web log-in, similar to meeting rooms. In shared workspaces, these printers are maintained by community workers, who also oversee them. Office managers in private offices manage them internally. Servcorp's hot desk offices provide full access to printing, copying and scanning from any desk.

Storing personal items 

The issue of no dedicated place to store personal belongings, such as jackets, and job accessories has long been a common complaint among hot-desking users. This is managed differently across various offices; in some coworking spaces, usually users are allowed to leave their belongings at a hot desk for a set period of time while they go to meetings or take lunch breaks.

In some instances, cubby holes or lockers are provided for the company's hot-desk users. Claiming the same desk for the whole day, regardless of meetings or lunch breaks, is more common in fully serviced offices.

Internet and Technology Services

It would be very difficult to hot desk without laptops, tablets, and smartphones, therefore all hot desking arrangements should provide WiFi to accommodate all workers.

Some people, on the other hand, need more than their laptop to perform all aspects of their job efficiently. As a result, some hot desks include a monitor and a VGA, DVI, or HDMI connection so that users may connect an additional screen temporarily.

Servcorp's hot desk office solutions provide full access to coworking during business hours, free WiFi, printing, copying and scanning from any desk, a full secretarial team and local IT help.

Common areas such as kitchens and Bathrooms

Hot desking accommodations, like those found in most office settings, include facilities such as restrooms and kitchens, which are cleaned, and maintained by office management.

Included within Servcorp's hot desking service is unlimited self-serve coffee, Twinings Tea and fruit water.

Private Spaces

Many professions, particularly those that require you to meet with other people or conduct strategic planning or financial discussions, demand some private meetings during the day. Therefore private spaces will be provided throughout hot desking office setups.

Covid-19 and Hot Desking Hygiene

You may be concerned about Hot desking posing a health risk due to rotating around desks which other people have used. To overcome this fear, ensure to bring your own personal sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, and wipe the chair and desk over before setting yourself up. It could also be beneficial to social distance and choose a desk further away from people if possible.

Hot Desking Advantages

The advantages of hot-desking vary depending on type of work and job requirements. Business owners value the varied lease terms and the option to hire or contract workers to locations in other cities. Freelancers also appreciate having a place to work and meet potential clients.

Hot Desking Disadvantages

Other disadvantages may include employees not having the freedom to personalize their desk, the disruption of moving around desks and re-setting up, as well as the difficulty of communicating with colleagues or members of the team if they aren't close by.

Hot Desking for the Self-Employed

If you're a consultant, freelancer, or company owner who works from the same location, hot-desking is an adaptable and inexpensive alternative to renting office space - without the hassle and financial commitment of long-term office lease agreements.

Working from home may feel isolated, therefore working in a group setting and hot desking around like-minded individuals can help you feel less lonely and more productive and motivated. Your company is more accessible than ever before, and nowadays you can work from anywhere and stay connected.

Hot-desking for Expanding Companies

When it comes to expanding your team and scaling your company, agility is essential and hot-desking allows you to hire remote employees without making a large upfront investment. Individual contracts are a great way to get started in specific markets and scale up when necessary, as well as reduce the risks involved with establishing your own office.

Working from home has several advantages: it allows companies to acquire top talent, which is not limited by location. You may expand your team wherever great people live and work without having to build your own workspace or incur moving costs. The cost savings that come with flexible rent agreements and the outsourcing of office employees, cleaning services, and facilities are a major incentive for large corporations.

How Hot Desking Promotes Collaboration and Innovation among workers

Whether it's in a private office or a larger coworking space, hot-desking allows individuals from different teams and organizations to collaborate, creating a unique network of professionals. This connection often leads to fresh opportunities, in which new clients, investors, partners, or employees are gained through hot-desking interactions.

How to know if Hot Desking isn't the right Solution for your Business

While there are multiple benefits of hot desking, it mightn't be the right solution it for all businesses or work styles. Companies who handle highly sensitive information may want a more private layout, as well as teams that require consistent structure and continuous collaboration throughout the day might become irritated and distracted with the seating rotation. If you require more private, environments that you have more control over, you should consider Servcorp's fully serviced offices.

To conclude, hot desking within a coworking space, allows great flexibility while a business is establishing itself or growing. As businesses have to make big business decisions such as like expanding into new markets or sourcing remote talent, hot desking and Coworking environments release financial pressure of lock-in costs and leasing of traditional office floors and buildings.

Looking to establish a new business & set up Hot Desking?

Servcorp provides a one-stop-shop solution with tailored service packages for businesses looking to establish themselves within new global markets.

Servcorp provides many hot desking solutions allows you to position your business with a quality image when you incorporate with one of our five 5-star CBD addresses including mail and courier management.

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