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How to keep your business running smoothly through the COVID-19 outbreak

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The Coronavirus outbreak is causing chaos for businesses worldwide. With workers unable to even get into their offices and having to work from home, traditional office setups are dealing with some big challenges.

However, just because you can’t get to your office, it doesn’t mean your business has to suffer.

Servcorp has been helping businesses and workers operate remotely since the 1970s through Virtual Office technology, with over $100 million spent on tech to help businesses operate ‘remotely’ as smoothly as possible.

With Servcorp’s Virtual Office services, you have access to a global network of physical locations and a dedicated support team, which can help your business continue to function as normal as possible and make it through the Coronavirus crisis unscathed.

No matter where you are, or where you can’t be, Servcorp can be your business’ Coronavirus support system.

Here are seven ways Servcorp can help your business become Coronavirus-proof.

1. Servcorp Home

Servcorp’s brand spanking new platform Servcorp Home gives you direct access to network with over 60,000 professionals in 24 countries. Just because you are stuck at home, it doesn’t mean your networking has to stop.

In fact, Servcorp Home is an improvement on traditional face-to-face networking in many ways. You can promote your business and services directly and efficiently to an engaged business community, setup online events and discussions and hold online meetings.

You can search the community for like-minded professionals or people working in areas most relevant to your business offering and even call other members for free using Servcorp’s global dial extension!

2. Onefone

Onefone is completely free to use for Servcorp clients and lets you make and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world from your Servcorp Virtual Office phone number.

Even if you can’t make it into the office, there’s no need to worry about missing important business calls to your office number. No international call charges or cellular roaming charges apply.

Onefone lets you manage up to 10 separate virtual office numbers, can handle multiple calls at once and lets you place callers on hold with the tap of a button.

3. The Servcorp team is your team

With thousands of receptionists and admin staff spread across 160 locations all over the world, Servcorp can be wherever you’re not able to be. Stuck in one place because of a Coronavirus quarantine? Servcorp lets your business have a presence anywhere you need.

Our team can meet your clients or perform local tasks for your business. Need a flyer created? Social media platforms managed? Database clean up? No job is too big for our Servcorp team. It’s like an exclusive premium freelancer platform that only Servcorp clients have access to. The next time you need an important task performed in a location you can’t get to, Servcorp can make sure it gets done.

4. Never miss a call

When you’re with Servcorp, every call to your business is answered within just a few rings by a highly professional receptionist, in accordance to your specific requirements and instructions. Calls are answered with a greeting personalised to your business and forwarded directly to you, or a message is taken.

If your staff are unable to make it to the office, you can trust Servcorp to make sure your calls keep getting answered and your business keeps running as usual.

5. Focus on maker’s time instead of manager’s time

With Servcorp taking care of much of the day-to-day management work for your business, you could see this downtime as an opportunity to focus on “maker’s time” and do some strategic thinking about your business and its future direction.

With all the craziness and hectic schedules of the regular business calendar, it can be hard to find time to focus on making improvements to your business and getting it moving in new directions. With Servcorp making sure all the important stuff is getting done, you can use this time to give your business the kind of attention you’re normally not able to.

Make the most of this time, and your business could be much better positioned to move forward than before the outbreak began.

6. Try a different location

If the business is too hard where you are currently, and you’re still able to travel, try a different location. Servcorp has physical Serviced and Coworking offices in just about every major city in the world.

You could see this as a “biz-vacation” and make the most of having access to Servcorp’s global network of offices. Meet new people and discover new networking opportunities while gaining inspiration from a different environment.

This could also be a great opportunity to look to expand your business into a new market and location. Make valuable business connections locally to help you get things setup – Servcorp can keep helping you out with local tasks after you return home.

7. Mail and courier handling

With all of the quarantines and reduction in services, you may be having trouble receiving your business mail. With a Servcorp address package, we can handle all of your mail and courier needs.

We can either forward mail on to you, or if you’re not able to receive it, we can open it and scan and email or fax it to you. Or we can respond directly to mail according to your instructions, as well as posting anything you need to be sent. There’s no need to worry about missing important mail or being unable to send important documents out to your clients and stakeholders, we’ll handle it.


With all of Servcorp’s experience in helping businesses operate remotely, we’re confident we can provide everything you need for your business to survive and thrive throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

In fact, with all the ways we can improve your business’s efficiency and streamline your day-to-day processes, you may come out the other end of this with your business better positioned than ever before.

Get in touch with us today to find out Servcorp can be your business’s Coronavirus support system.

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