Meeting Room Prices and Locations in Washington DC

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Meeting Room Prices and Locations in Washington, D.C.

Book a meeting room, boardrooms or other resources in Washington, D.C. with Servcorp. Whether you need Meeting Rooms for an informal business meet-and-greet or high-stakes negotiations and interviews - our facilities provide you with the perfect space and facilities to meet your business needs.

Choose from a range of meeting rooms, boardrooms, private offices and seminar rooms from our esteemed Washington, D.C. location. All our meeting rooms and boardrooms are fixed with modern interior design with the highest standard of furniture and tech equipment, including latest tech for video conferencing, touch screens, polycom phones, wireless screen sharing and more!

Looking for Meeting Rooms in Washington, D.C.? At Servcorp we provide Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms and Private Offices for you to run all your business meetings.

Whether you require a room for interviews, casual client meetings or even high-stakes negotiations overseas, our rooms offer everything you’ll need.

Equipped with hassle-free, wireless facilities including video conferencing, touch screen displays, polycom phones, screen share technologies and more! Gain access to our first class reception, secretary and IT team which are available instantly upon your request.

Our Meeting Rooms are also situated in the best corporate locations in Washington, D.C. - leverage our prestigious locations and enjoy close distances to the city’s cultural icons, revered restaurants and panoramic views of the city skyline.