Servcorp Secure WiFi.

Get down to business at any location with fast, secure and reliable WiFi internet.

Enterprise-grade WiFi.
Ready for business.

Servcorp’s WiFi speed is consistently fast, has a guaranteed 99.99% uptime, 24/7 support, and the flexibility to tailor it to the needs of your business.






Global hotspots

Free, fast & simple.

Additional security, data & flexibility.

A completely tailored experince.

Consistently fast.
Peak times are a thing of the past.

Other WiFi networks slow down when the number of people using them increases. Servcorp’s dedicated connections let multiple people use the internet simultaneously without affecting speed. With some of fastest internet speed in Australia.

Typical shared WiFi

Network traffic fighting over the same line
(high contention ratio)

Servcorp's Secure WiFi

Network traffic spread across multiple lines
(1 to 1 contention ratio)

Share workspace, not your private data.

Unsecure WiFi puts you at risk from various forms of cybercrime such as IP theft, identity theft, and hacking. Servcorp encrypts your data with Secure WiFi and Custom WiFi plans.

Shared and unprotected WiFi

Anyone on the network can access your data.

Servcorp’s encrypted WiFi

Your data is private and secure.

Choose from free, additional security, or customise your own.

Unique password
Guest devices
Custom SSID

Free WiFi

Secure WiFi

Custom WiFi

Free, fast & simple.

24/7 monitoring by an in-house support team. Fast upload and download speeds. Add up to two additional devices.

Additional data, security & flexibility.

Encrypted data and two point authentication. Faster internet speeds. Increased data allowance and guest device access.

A completely tailored experience.

Custom network name (SSID). Higher bandwidth. Personalised data allowance, and unlimited devices.


  • Up to 1.3Gbps using the latest Wireless Standards 802.11a/g/n/ac Wave 1
  • Industry leading 3x4 MIMO, CleanAir, ClientLink and AP Roaming technologies
  • WPA2 Security
  • VLAN segmentation and dedicated bandwidth supported
  • 150+ hotspots across the globe
  • 24/7 Monitoring


Servcorp's enterprise-grade WiFi has been engineered specifically for businesses that depend on the internet. Unlike other public and shared WiFi, Servcorp’s network is monitored around the clock by an in-house support team to deliver a consistently reliable service and some of the fastest internet speed in Australia.

Shared and unsecured networks not only slow down when there are lots of users, but they also put your data at risk. Servcorp’s dedicated connections guarantee you consistently fast WiFi speeds, and the Secure WiFi plan data is encrypted for privacy and security.