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Your benefitsThe Virtual Office PackageAddress PackageCommunications PackageThe Membership Package
Prestigious CBD address mail/courier management
Local phone number dedicated receptionist
Access to boardrooms meeting rooms worldwide


Access to Servcorp Onefax (fax-to-email)†

Access to Servcorp Onefone (your local phone number on your Smartphone) †

Book Meeting facilities & view bills online
Unique password Wi-Fi* in coworking spaces and private offices
FREE use of executive coworking lounge worldwide ‡

3 hr/day

1 hr/day

2 $25 vouchers/mth

FREE use of private offices outside your city ‡

3 days/mth

FREE use of a private office or boardroom at your home location*

16 hours/mth

2 $25 vouchers/mth

Prices and LocationsPrices and LocationsPrices and LocationsPrices and Locations

† Available on a pay-as-you-go basis when you need it
‡ 2 $25 vouchers/mth with The Membership Package are non-accumulative and subject to availability
*Home center, 4 hour increments, USA only; NY locations include 4 hours Private Office use, 2 hour increments

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What to ask when selecting a Virtual Office provider

Don't be caught out!

Make sure that you know what you are buying:

  • How long and how much are you committed for?  Many suppliers lock you in for many months and quote prices for annual contracts, whereas Servcorp's contracts are for as little as one month
  • Can you try before you buy?  Servcorp provides all of its Virtual Offices for free for the first month, so confident are we that you will appreciate the benefit.
  • How many locations can you use?  Only a handful of players are in more than one city, let alone are global.
  • How easily can you change your call answering instructions?
  • Can you understand your bill, and access it online whenever you want?
  • Will you be proud to meet your clients in the offices, or worried that they will be unimpressed?
  • Are there staff on hand to support you as needed, or is the operation bare bones?
  • Are the coworking spaces productive, or little better than cafes?