We understand each business has specific needs to operate at its full potential. Servcorp’s Coworking spaces are designed to support your business needs and make your business a success.

A typical dedicated coworking desk

super-secure, super-fast large fabric suspended luminary Online Community of 50,000 imagineeers to collaborate with, buy from, sell and socialize with. leather mesh back ergonomical chairs unlimited beverages video phone multi-purpose docking station state of the art printer / photocopier / scanner lockable cabinet daily cleaning

A professional team to support you

Dedicated receptionist to answer your calls as you would like
Bilingual on-site team to assist you with ad hoc administrative tasks
Servcorp Floor Manager to take care of you and your business
In-house IT support, just dial *1 from any Servcorp phone
Community Manager to assist you with your online presence & events

Those small differences to make your every day easier....

The Servcorp Phone Booth

Need to make that private call? Servcorp provides these iconic London phone booths in each of our coworking locations - all equipped with the latest Cisco handset.

From its pillar box red, and domed roof to its crown insignia and paneled windows, the red British telephone booth is a universally recognized icon.

More than 90 years after the first phone booth appeared on London streets, Servcorp is bringing them back and repurposing them in our own way. Enjoy the nostalgia and step inside...

The Servcorp Beverage

Enjoy numerous types of coffees from latte, espresso, cappuccino from our state of art coffee machines.

Prefer drip coffee? We have that too, using high grade beans.

We provide the whole range Twinings Teas including favourites such as English Breakfast, Lady Grey, Lemon & Ginger.

Enjoy infused water to quench your thirst and keep you energized.

Enjoy the finest beverages during our happy hours, held in all our locations across the United States

We also offer other beverages for purchase. Whether it be sparkling water, juice, or even just a soda we’ve got you covered.

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