Servcorp Broker Referral Program


Subject to these terms and conditions, Servcorp will compensate our brokers for each qualified referral that leads to the execution of a Servcorp Office Space, Coworking or Virtual Office Agreement (other than an agreement for The Membership) in the United States.


Office Space

  • Private office minimum term is one month
  • Commission payable on office rental fee only, and excludes all services
  • Broker must discuss renewal with Center Manager prior to the 60-day notice period
  • Renewal commission is available for office space only and for up to one renewal cycle
  • Commissions cannot be earned on flexi-lease arrangements
  • Commissions are to go to the broker house/real estate agency, not to the broker/real estate agent
  • From time to time, the center may run a personal incentive to the broker in the form of a gift cards (eg Amex), or other consumer products or services, the value of which must be determined and approved by the sales desk

Virtual Office and Coworking

  • Commission is paid after all free and discounted months have passed, and the client has paid one (1) full month fee, or on the third month of membership, whichever is sooner.


*Servcorp commission structure outlined does not include our location at 667 Madison Avenue

Subject to these terms and conditions, Servcorp will pay commission with respect to a qualified referral on a one-time basis as follows:

  1. If the qualified referral is for Office Space, Servcorp will give (1) 10% of net client agreement fee paid within 60 days of client move-in, (2) 2% of net client expansion fee paid upon signing of addendum, (3) 2% of net client renewal fee paid upon signing of renewal.
  2. If the qualified referral is for a Virtual Office, Servcorp will give you a $200 commission for every eligible Virtual Office referral.
  3. If the qualified referral is for a Coworking membership, Servcorp will give you a $250 commission for every eligible Coworking referral. 


Servcorp reserves the right in its sole discretion to make any determination under these terms and conditions, including, without limitation, the determination of your eligibility and that of the qualified referral. By referring qualified referrals, you will not be deemed to be an employee of Servcorp and you will not act as an agent of Servcorp nor are you entitled to make any commitments on behalf of Servcorp. Servcorp reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


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