Servcorp FAQs: Help, Answers & Frequently Asked Questions

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Executive Suites FAQs

What is a Servcorp Executive Suite?

As a Servcorp client, your Executive Suite provides access to:

  • A fully furnished private office suite
  • A dedicated receptionist
  • Secretarial services and a multilingual personal assistant
  • Fully equipped corporate boardrooms, meeting rooms and day suites
  • Leading IT and communications technology, including Servcorp Online
  • A magnificent reception with spectacular views
  • A contemporary kitchen with a fully stocked fridge and coffee machine

How can I arrange a tour of your Executive Suites?

We believe to fully understand Servcorp you need to see it for yourself. Please request a tour and we will happily arrange an office tour at your preferred Servcorp location.

How many people can a Servcorp Executive Suite accommodate?

Your Executive Suite can cost effectively and comfortably accommodate teams of 1-10 people.

How long is my Executive Suite contract commitment?

The minimum contract term at Servcorp is one month.

Virtual Offices FAQs

What is a Servcorp Virtual Office?

A Servcorp Virtual Office is everything but the office. You can choose to work from home, or from anywhere with a professional team, facilities and the infrastructure of a multinational corporation to support you. 

A Servcorp Virtual Office can drastically reduce your overhead including: rent, staff, technology, and utilities.

From a simple address, meetings or communication package, to a combination of all three you choose what you need for your business.

How would a Virtual Office enable me to work from home?

The Servcorp Virtual Office is invaluable to your business if you are working from home - or from anywhere worldwide.

The Virtual Office Includes:

  • A prestigious address in any one of our 150 worldwide locations
  • A local business telephone number
  • A dedicated receptionist managing your calls at your chosen location
  • Worldwide access to boardrooms, meeting rooms and private offices for as little as 10 minutes or the entire day
  • Instant online booking system ensures easy, fast and secure bookings

What are the costs involved in a Virtual Office? Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. You have one fixed cost: your monthly Virtual Office membership fee. For additional services, Servcorp charges by usage. You only pay for what you use, nothing else.

How do I become a Virtual Office member?

Simply choose the package[s] and location of your choice, enter your credit card details, and you will be fully operational in less than 5 minutes! 

How long is my Virtual Office contract commitment?

One month. A Servcorp Virtual Office is a month to month commitment, there are no long term contracts and no security deposit if you pay by credit card.

What are the Terms & Conditions for a Virtual Office?



Servcorp will provide the first month free of the package the client purchases online for any USA center - this offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer; limited to one location per company. Either party can give written notice at any time within the first month to discontinue the service with no further obligation. In the event that the membership is not cancelled in writing, billing shall continue on a month to month basis until one month's written notice is given by either party. Membership shall be billed at the advertised rates online at and the free trial will include only those services included in the package's standard offerings.

The rent shall be paid monthly in advance on the first day of each month. In respect of any broken period a pro-rata adjustment shall be made. A setup fee will be applicable to; all new packages, upgrades, and suspended accounts re-activating, per location.

Credit card billing is a requirement of membership. If a credit card is used, the Member irrevocably authorizes Servcorp to deduct all amounts charged to the Member by Servcorp on such credit card at any time during any billing period. Payment for Services and/or charges by credit card will attract an administration fee of 3% of the amount paid. Servcorp reserves the right to require a security deposit and agrees to notify Member in advance. Should a security deposit be required, refund of security deposit shall be made to the Member 90 days after the termination of the Agreement. The security deposit shall not be deemed as advance payment however Servcorp is entitled to deduct from the security deposit any monies owed to Servcorp for services provided. Such deduction shall not be deemed to waive any breach by the Member of this Agreement. If the Member fails to demand the refund of the security deposit within 365 days after the date of termination of this Agreement, the security deposit shall be deemed forfeited to Servcorp Virtual Office absolutely.

Servcorp will only provide a refund in the event of an incorrect amount being charged to a client. Servcorp clients must give one month written notice to terminate their Virtual Office contract. No refund or return will be allowed for any time period that is shorter than this.

Servcorp aims to have all Virtual Offices set up within the client's required time frames. This means if a client has a specific start-up date, Servcorp will have their Virtual Office ready and operational the day before this date.

Servcorp secures your private information including credit card information with full 128-bit SSL browser encryption using a VeriSign SSL Certificate. All credit card information and payment retrieval is fully secure at all times. Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission. Servcorp requires two forms of acceptable identification documentation ("the Documentation") of the primary contact, the cardholder, under the company account within 24 hours of joining online to complete the Agreement. Servcorp reserves the right to terminate this Agreement should proof of identity not be received.

Contracts are on a month to month basis. One month's written notification is required by either party to terminate this Agreement. Receipt of termination notification and the termination date will be confirmed in writing by Servcorp. Only once this confirmation has taken place will outstanding rental be confirmed. Upon receipt of notice to downgrade or terminate the Virtual Office service, an administration/disconnection fee of $75 will be applied to the member's account. Servcorp reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately in the event that its team members are being harassed by the Member or persons attempting to contact the Member. Should Servcorp have reason to suspect immoral, unethical, illegal or fraudulent business practice it reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement and all services being provided.

The Client will be responsible for Servcorp's reasonable costs in recovering any monies owed under this Service Agreement.

The services provided by Servcorp may vary at Servcorp's absolute discretion during the term of membership and shall be provided during our normal business hours. Services include, but are not limited to telephone call charges, excessive incoming call charges, secretarial services, photocopying and printing, facsimile charges, postage and courier services, sundries including stationery, conference rooms/private offices rental, refreshments, email and Internet. The Member acknowledges that Servcorp owns all telephone numbers and I.P. addresses allocated for use by the Member. Servcorp retains the right to not accept any excessively large, unreasonable or unlawful packages. All services are to be paid 7 days after date of invoice. During the term of membership, should the level of service not meet the Member's expectations, please contact our Head Office at and we will respond within two working days.

The Virtual Office members receive three days per calendar month (non accumulative) complimentary access to an office/coworking space in cities where Members are not a Servcorp or Servcorp Virtual Office client. All bookings are subject to availability and consecutive days are generally not available. The Global Virtual Office members are entitled to four days per calendar month (non accumulative, USA only) complimentary access to an office/coworking space anywhere in the Servcorp network, including your city's membership. Multiple Virtual Office package holders will be capped at four (USA only) days complimentary office use. Office access is booked in daily blocks only via Servcorp Online® (referred to as 'Day Suite' or 'Office Suite') and cannot exceed more than four (USA only) complimentary days in one location. A secretarial booking fee applies for any resource when bookings are not made via Servcorp Online®. Should a day suite not be available for the time that you require; simply contact your Servcorp team to confirm if an additional day suite can be made available. Where availability is possible at the location you require, the team will setup an office as per your request. This office will be equipped with broadband internet and Cisco IP phone connections (call charges & internet charges do apply for usage). Dedicated teams on hand to provide you support. A setup fee will apply for this additional office per day.

Cancellation of resources and facilities within 24 hours incurs 100% hire charge and cancellation within 48 hours incurs a 50% hire charge. Complimentary day offices booked in advance which are not utilized may be charged full price for the duration of the booking at Servcorp's discretion. In the event that a particular facility that has been booked by the Member becomes unavailable, Servcorp reserves the right to provide the Member with at least 48 hours' notice to move the existing booking to a room type of equal or greater value.

Members can utilize complimentary coworking space at any Servcorp location worldwide. Access to the Coworking Space is available during standard business hours. The Global Virtual Office members receive 5 hours complimentary access per day, The Virtual Office members receive 3 hours complimentary access per day and Address & Meetings members receive 1 hour complimentary access per day, non accumulative and subject to availability. Subsequent hours are available on a pay as you use basis.

The Member shall pay during the term of this agreement all charges for services rendered at the rates stipulated and documented by Servcorp at its absolute discretion. The Member agrees that Servcorp reserves the right to change, or vary the charges for such services upon giving one months' notice in writing of such change, and such new charges shall apply from the date of expiration of notice. Monthly membership fee shall automatically increase by 10% at each anniversary of the commencement date.

Servcorp will be in contact with Global Virtual Office, The Virtual Office and Virtual Communications Members to confirm up to three contacts to whom your calls can be transferred. Every additional contact will incur an additional monthly charge. Call charges will apply to all transferred calls. Mobile calls incur a higher rate. Check the setup of your telephone number and transfer options and notify your Virtual Office Manager of any changes. In the case of Unified Messaging email message delivery, the Member is responsible for browser and ISP security settings which enable or prevent delivery of voicemail packets. Changes to the communications services must be notified in writing.

The voicemail system will automatically notify Global Virtual Office, The Virtual Office and Virtual Communication Members as each new message is received (only call charges apply).

The Landlord shall be expressly indemnified by the Member against any loss, damage which is caused by corruption of data or any loss of information from hardware, software, mechanical, Internet damage or any errors by Servcorp Team Members. The Member guarantees that it will not use the Virtual Office for any immoral or illegal purposes.

Detailed invoices are only available online at Servcorp Online®. Credit card processing of invoices shall occur on approximately the first business day of each month. Declined credit cards, insufficient funds from direct debit payments or dishonored checks will incur a service fee of $50. Should payment not be receipted by the 20th of any month for any reason, Servcorp, at their absolute discretion, may suspend or terminate all services. Any monies owing to Servcorp for more than 20 days shall bear a fixed penalty charge of $50 and an administration fee at a rate of 5% on the overdue balance per month until payment. In the event of suspension or termination, a reactivation fee of $75 will apply to reinstate membership in addition to any monies owed to Servcorp. All bank fees will be paid by the member. All payment queries after the 21st of the month may bear an administration fee.

If the Member, or any business of which the ownership or control is directly or indirectly associated with the Member at any time during the term of Membership or within 12 months after termination of the membership employs any of the staff employed or who were employed by Servcorp or any business affiliated with Servcorp during the term of the membership then the Member shall pay to Servcorp by way of liquidated and ascertained damages an amount equal to 100% of the new annual wage or package of the employee which the parties agree is a genuine preestimate of the loss suffered by Servcorp. The applicability of liquidated and ascertained damages applies to all staff whether permanent, part-time or otherwise.

Global Virtual Office, The Virtual Office and Virtual Communication Members receive 15 incoming calls per day included in the service. Charges do apply for higher incoming call volume.

In consideration of Servcorp entering into this Agreement with the Member, the Guarantor, for themselves and each of their executors and administrators unconditionally agree that they and each of them will be with the Member jointly and severally liable to Servcorp for the payment of the rent and all other monies payable by the Member and also for the due performance of all the terms and conditions on the part of the Member contained or implied in this document.

The Member confers on Servcorp, or any party appointed by Servcorp, the right to purchase and store drinks, including liquor, in place of the Member.

When utilizing Servcorp locations businesslike dress standard applies at all times.

Each month, the Member will accumulate points equal to 20% of their Servcorp Virtual Office® expenditure. The credit amount can be redeemed in the form of an EXECUTIVE SUITE UPGRADE, OFFICE WORLD UPGRADE (where available), or a VIRTUAL PAUSE. An EXECUTIVE SUITE UPGRADE allows the member to use loyalty points towards the office rental costs of a Servcorp Executive Suite of any size, any price, at any Servcorp location internationally. Minimum lease term is 1 month. An OFFICEWORLD UPGRADE allows the member to use loyalty points towards the membership cost of a private or shared flexible office at any Servcorp location internationally (where available). Minimum membership term is 1 month. VIRTUAL PAUSE enables the member to use loyalty points to "pause" their Virtual Office package by using loyalty points to offset their rental costs. A pause may be taken for a maximum of 3 months per annum, either intermittently or in total. Servcorp rebate will expire 5 years after the date accrued. A copy of the full terms and conditions for Servcorp Loyalty Program can be viewed at Servcorp Online.

Global Virtual Office primary location will be assigned in the city of the residing member, where a location in the member's local city is required. Any additional companies for which you use services of any kind for must be advised in advance. Membership is limited to the company name as stated on your Servcorp Agreement. Your membership will automatically be upgraded for you should you utilize a service not included in your package.

As a Servcorp client, if you refer a friend or associate to Servcorp and that person becomes a new client at any Servcorp location, you will then be eligible for a referral reward. For every successful referral to Servcorp Virtual Office® we will offer you one month free rental at your existing Virtual Office location. For every successful referral to Servcorp Serviced Office, we will offer you commission worth 10% of the value of the initial agreement term upon commencement date of the new client office referral.

All prices quoted are exclusive to any government taxes where applicable and allowable by law.

It is a requirement for all packages to provide two forms of acceptable identification documentation ("the Documentation") of the primary contact under the company account. If Servcorp does not receive the Documentation from the member they have the right in their absolute discretion to terminate the membership.

General FAQs

What services does Servcorp provide?

Servcorp provides Executive Suites and Virtual Offices, all of which come with these services to help your business run smoothly:

  • A professional, motivated office support team - at your service, but not on your payroll
  • A prestigious business address for your business cards, letterhead and promotional material
  • Elegant, fully equipped corporate boardroom and meeting room facilities worldwide
  • The most up to date IT and telecommunications infrastructure

Can Servcorp provide a receptionist to answer my calls in my company name?

Yes, simply select the Communications Package or The Virtual Office Package. Your Servcorp receptionist will answer your calls promptly in your company name and exactly as per your instructions.


Our highly trained receptionists operate the finest communications equipment available. Your line will never ring busy and your calls will be handled professionally and confidentially. You choose how you want to receive your messages:  transferred to your home, office, mobile phone - or anywhere in the world.

I would like to expand into new cities. How can Servcorp help?

When you join Servcorp's network of Executive Suites or Virtual Offices worldwide, we can help you expand into any Servcorp city. With Servcorp you can have the presence of a multinational company without the overhead or costs. We will set you up in the city of your choice and you will be operational in minutes! If you are an Executives Suites client, you can "Test the Waters" in a Servcorp location of your choice with a free 2-month Virtual Office membership (standard usage charges apply).

What is Servcorp Online?

Developed specifically for our clients, Servcorp Online acts as your liaison, allowing you to:

  • Manage your call transfers, call answering and messages online in real-time
  • Book meeting rooms, boardrooms, facilities and resources instantly
  • Manage and change your bookings online and in real-time
  • Manage your business services, book a courier, stationery needs and translation services
  • Download and view your invoices at any time

Who do I contact if I want more information?

Click Contact Us and a Servcorp Manager will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

I am interested in joining Servcorp, how should I apply?

Servcorp provides a unique boutique culture across its locations worldwide. We are a highly reputable and dynamic organization with a carefully chosen team. If you are interested in joining the Servcorp team email

Coworking FAQs

Is this Servcorp's first coworking space in the US, and do you plan to introduce any more in the near future?

Until now, Coworking has been mainly offered only in Class B or C commercial buildings in what is often referred to as 'fraternity-like' settings.  In 2015, Servcorp opened five 5-Star Coworking Lounges in Class A+ buildings in the most prominent global markets including New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and Sydney, providing hi-tech high-touch windowed workstations via memberships at cost effective rates. Companies have access to all of Servcorp's world class amenities including the company's advanced global IT and communications infrastructure, state-of-the-art meeting rooms and furnishings, client support staff and building amenities, and with panoramic southern window views.  Affordable Coworking "For Grown Ups" in luxury settings is now a reality. 5 Star Coworking at One World Trade Center Level 85 in New York City is Servcorp's flagship location. We also have coworking business lounges at all of our US locations.

How did you come to decide on the particular design, and how long did it take?

Gaining inspiration by the notion that what's old is new again, we designed a transitional space, appealing to both the traditionalist and the modernist. High ceilings with exposed ductwork, a $5M art collection on loan to us from our COO's father-in-law's private collection, sleek work tables, Herman Miller stools and chairs, lounge lighting, world-class technology, herringbone wood floors and a library complete with fireplaces are lit by a wall of floor-to-ceiling glass windows showing views spanning from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Statue of Liberty - 1100 feet in the sky. Our 5 Star Coworking space has a cigar lounge feel, with inspiration no matter where you look. It's just plain swanky.

What feedback have you had so far on the coworking space?

People are impressed. We are the first office provider to create a flexible 5 star workspace that offers facilities for a collaborative working environment at a great address in the heart of Lower Manhattan. One World Trade Center, arguably the most famous address in the world, is now an attainable office for those who normally would never be able to afford to have an office in this globally iconic building.

We have storage facilities for equipment, the latest IT technology and our coworking members gain access to a global network of 150 locations all boasting the same standards. Every part of the fit out has been carefully thought out and finished to the highest standard possible with no expense spared. 

Our Servcorp One Ap technology delivers. Each workstation is beaconised. These beacons carry out multiple functions enabling coworking members' telephone number to auto provision the Cisco handset on their desk simply by waving their mobile phone over it. It also turns on their account, enabling connection to high speed (100MBps) secure wireless internet on instant demand. 

We also have a fully qualified team on site to professionally support our members' businesses within a 5 star standard. Our coworking members also enjoy free coffee, cappuccino, latte, espresso, Twining's tea, and filtered water daily - with occasional happy hours and networking events.

What type of businesses are you targeting with this new space?

Servcorp's Coworking Membership offer a combination of open, semi- and private spaces in which to conduct business. Options like this are ideal for companies interested in turnkey, flexible and fully equipped office space, at a fraction of the cost of fully private offices. Mobile workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, tech, SME as well as multinationals with travelling employees are all showing interest.

Since Servcorp's establishment in the 70's we have become a nursery housing driven, young and creative entrepreneurs. Global corporations including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Bloomberg, JP Morgan and Etihad Airways, have been supported by Servcorp somewhere in the world and have grown within the Servcorp network. We proudly support 50% of the world's top 500 companies.