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Executive Suites

Winning Solutions

Business success comes from creating the right environment:

  • The world's best addresses, with unbranded 5-star fit outs and
    amazing views
  • Servcorp's unique Connect Package for every member of your team
  • A USD $100 million telephone and IT platform and a global network of offices for you to use
  • A well trained team at your service

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Choose from 22 premium Executive Suites locations across the United States

United States

New York



Washington, DC

San Francisco

Orange County

Los Angeles






Servcorp Executive Suite Benefits:

Servcorp provides a total business solution that includes quality office space, incredible support team, leading office technology, terrific locations and the most flexible contract terms in the industry.

Servcorp's flexible contract arrangements include a range of quality, corporate office packages tailored for you to provide your business with a professional image and provide a trusted environment where you can grow your business.

Having been in this business for 40+ years, Servcorp has designed solutions around what customers want from their flexible workspace.

  1. Private Office for your company in a professional corporate environment,
  2. 5-star prestigious business address
  3. Local telephone number
  4. In-house IT support
  5. Tier 1 fiber internet connection
  6. Access to a professional support team, and complimentary time in a Servcorp office center as you travel across our 160+ global locations.

In all Servcorp locations we design our reception area with the best views and build our floors to the highest specification.

You can always recognize a Servcorp floor as you travel, as all floors have a fit-out with beautiful touches like our trademark granite checkerboard floor and original artwork. Our aim is to impress your clients when they come to see you. You will notice there is no Servcorp signage as we are here to promote your business, not ours.

If you are to succeed
Meet, test and try! Don't buy a lie!

Ensure you protect your business by confirmation.

Ask to be connected to the internet – How long does it take? 
Ask if the provider is Tier-1.
Ask to be allowed to check download speeds.
Ask to speak to IT support: Are they in-house or a third party? Are they even in the country?
Ask to be given a phone number so you can try the service before you buy.
Ask for a phone rate card.
Ask to meet your dedicated receptionist. The receptionist is the front line of your business.
Ask about disaster transfer.
Ask if your phone extension can roam at no cost to other locations.
Ask if the wireless internet is secure.
Ask what kind of firewall can be set up for your network.
Ask to see the transparency code of the provider.
Ask if incoming callers can dial ‘1’ for voicemail to mobile.
Ask if you can get free calls equal to your connection amount.
Ask if your phone bill is 20% lower than telco rate.




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Servcorp is the world leader in shared workspace technology

We invest millions in technology to provide our clients with innovative tools to operate their businesses

Our market-leading IT and telephony services give our clients a competitive advantage. Servcorp has invested over USD 100 million to develop a global platform to give you immense capabilities for the lowest cost. We employ over 100 IT professionals and are the only provider with an in house development team.

Services are provisioned instantly and available globally:

  • The fastest and most reliable business broadband and Wi-Fi 
  • Our global telecommunications network: save costs and time
  • Unique Onefone app: make and receive telephone calls anywhere as if you were in the office
  • Automatic call diversion based on your instructions with our Find Me Follow Me feature: never miss a call!
  • Online management of resources in real time
  • In-house desktop IT support 24/7, just dial *1 from your Servcorp phone

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Let our mascot Sidney give you a tour!

We are proud of our Australian origins, and of our world beating offices and services.  Let our mascot, Sidney, the worlds's wisest wombat, show you around what you can expect from a Servcorp Serviced Office. You'll be impressed!