Coworking made easy.

Connect to the WiFi with your unique password and add your Servcorp number to any desk phone.

Bring your Servcorp number to life at any location. Just tap to connect.

Connect to any phone by tapping the beacon. To disconnect, simply walk away.

Printing simplified.
No cards or codes required.

Choose your printer and tap to log in for fast and secure printing.

Scan to connect to the WiFi.
Say goodbye to shared passwords.

Personalised security with Unique password WiFi

Control of devices on your secure WiFi

Add guests easily without sharing passwords

Streamline your next coworking visit with OneAp.

Take control, be secure and increase productivity.

Arrive at your favourite location

Sign in with your unique password

Grab a cup of coffee and start working

Available to download from

John Takeuchi - Analyst at Smartlink

I often bring in clients and adding them to the WiFi couldn’t be easier. Definitely recommend this.

Tara Lee

OneAp allows me to get up and in in minutes at any Servcorp location. Can’t do without this app!

Hammad Theory - Freelance copywriter

Amazing! I can transfer my number without having to ask anyone.