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Our Investment into Your Success

Multinational corporations invest millions to provide their employees with the technology they need to work efficiently and stay
connected. Normally, smaller companies would have to make do without these resources, but Servcorp has turned the tables
by creating a global network and a user-friendly suite of apps designed to empower a new generation of virtual entrepreneurs.
From its lightning-fast communications network to its innovative call routing system, Servcorp invests in technology that allows
our clients to make a good impression and get down to business.

Servcorp Mobile Apps

Servcorp Onefone

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s natural to spend a lot of time out of the office, but how do you maintain a consistent presence at home? When you install Onefone, you'll be able to make and receive calls on your company’s Servcorp landline number from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone. The application taps into the power of Servcorp's global network in order to save you on cost.


 All you need is Onefone installed on your smartphone and an internet connection to make and receive calls from your Servcorp landline phone number. This service features all of the regular features of a landline business phone, including voicemail, conference calls, call-forwarding, phone extensions, and more. If you're at home, in a hotel, or in an airport lounge, you'll be able to make and take calls from your business phone number, as if you were at the office.


For those who travel a lot on business, international calling rates can be an expensive proposition. Onefone uses Servcorp's powerful global network to place calls from within the country you are calling, so that only a nominal special telephone rate applies. For calls to Tokyo, for example, you would only be charged the local calling rate.* Furthermore, provided you currently have an internet connection, calls to your own company are free.


Ever wish you could better recognize incoming international calls? When you use Onefone, the incoming call shows a prefix from the recipient’s home country.* Wherever you're calling from, you're showing the same number to your clients, putting them and you at ease.

*Currently available in Australia, Japan and United States. A phone number registered in Tokyo (03) will be charged a local calling rate for calls to the 03 area. In the case of phone numbers registered in other areas, for example Osaka (06), Nagoya (052), Fukuoka (092),





Servcorp OneAp

Servcorp is always striving to innovate in the field of flexible workspace.

One of the benefits of “hot desking” at various Servcorp locations is the availability of a landline at your desk for making and taking phone calls. Having Servcorp OneAp on your phone allows you to instantaneously assign your company’s Servcorp landline number to the phone where you are working at the moment.

When you arrive at a Servcorp coworking space, you simply open the OneAp application on your smartphone, place the phone on the OneAp logo disc at your chosen workspace, and confirm your reservation.

The Servcorp phone will automatically update to your company’s dedicated phone number. At the end of your session, you will be logged out.


1. Install the OneAp application.
2. Place your phone on top of Servcorp "OneAp" logo disc at the workspace of your choice.
3. Start OneAp and confirm your workspace reservation.
4. Your services will be logged out once you leave Servcorp.



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