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How to Be More Productive During Business Travel

May 10, 2016 | Jennifer Goodwyn

Traveling for business can offer incredible opportunities to grow your company, but sometimes it can be a hassle. We all know the struggle of flying -- between planning, packing, and the actual flight, it seems like more time is going into your trip than the length of your actual trip. Being able to take advantage of business travel time is important to staying on top of your game. From before the trip, to the flight, to how to spend your days before the trip, here are some tips on how to stay productive during business travel.

Plan Ahead

From booking early to packing ahead of time, getting a head start will help lessen the pressure on you before you go. Researching the area you're going to be staying in and finding the closest cafe can be a lifesaver especially when you're travelling between time zones. By going in prepared, you won't have to worry while you're there. The time you'd spend planning during your trip, you can now spend staying productive.

Work/Life Balance

Work travel can be really cool, let's admit it. Sometimes you get to go to places you may not have had an opportunity to go to if you were not going for work, and it is important not to forget that. Don't pressure yourself to be working 24/7 -- that will not help your productivity. Allow yourself to get outside of your hotel and explore wherever you're staying. Set aside hours to do work, and then time to enjoy yourself. Taking a break and getting some fresh air almost always helps with productivity more than sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. Find your balance and enjoy yourself.

Take Advantage of the Flight

Make sure your flight has Wi-Fi, you will thank yourself. No matter how long your flight is, you can use those few undisturbed hours to catch up on emails, finish up work, or make plans to take out-of-town associates to dinner. By taking care of tasks now, you will not have to worry about them once you land. For these few or many hours, your seat is your office, so make the most of it. Pro tip, noise cancelling headphones are a great investment for any business traveler, even if you just use them to watch Netflix!

Get Organized

Plan out your outfits, make sure you have an external charger, and prepare meeting notes. Taking the time to make sure you're ready to go will help you stop worrying when you're traveling. Keep lists on lists, and check things off as you go. Not only will you be able to see the progress that you're making, but you can also make sure that you aren't forgetting anything important.

Find an Office

Whether it's a coworking space, a local cafe, or in the lobby of your hotel, find an office and get comfortable. Having a space for you to get work done will allow you to find that work/life balance! With access to a professional office space, you'll be able to stay productive and enjoy your trip.

Staying productive on business trips is a matter of your mindset. If you go in prepared, you'll get your work done and be able to enjoy your trip. If you're traveling and looking for an office, Servcorp offers office solutions all over the world to help you stay productive.