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5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Save You At Least 2 Hours a Day

April 28, 2016 | Jennifer Goodwyn

As your business grows, your time shrinks: it's a fact of life. While you used to have time to deal with everything from syncing your calendar to updating social media, now you have larger issues that need your attention. These are all signs of success, but you can't let these tasks hold you back from doing what's important. Hiring an assistant is often a logical next step but, for smaller startups, having an in office assistant may be a space and financial issue. The solution is a virtual assistant. They can save you hours each day, and let you attend to what you need to get done. Here are five ways a virtual assistant can help you save at least two hours a day.

 1.       Email

If you feel like the entire world is trying to get ahold of you when you open your inbox in the morning, it is definitely time to get a virtual assistant. Having to spend time individually sorting through emails can put a damper on your productivity for the entire day and use up valuable time in the morning. An assistant can screen these emails, and send back responses that don't require your attention. This way, you can not only make sure you're seeing the important emails immediately, but you'll know that everyone is getting a sufficient response.

 2.       Scheduling

Between meetings, travel, work, and everything else in life, you may be constantly trying to get your schedule together. The time it takes to organize is time you could be spending doing other things that are more important to you and your business. A virtual assistant can take care of your scheduling for you so you'll be where you need to be when you need to be there. From booking flights, to organizing meetings, to making sure you're home for dinner, a virtual assistant can help relieve the stress of scheduling.

 3.       Accounting

Whether you're not great with numbers, or you just have too many to deal with, accounting takes time. Between dealing with profits, expenses, taxes, and everything else, you could be spending days at a standstill trying to take care of your own accounting and finances. An assistant can not only keep track of numbers, but can fill out forms so that all you really need to do is sign on the dotted line. This can save hours, especially around tax season, and he or she make sure you stay on track with your finances.

4.       Social Media

With the growth of social media, you have to be present constantly, have a degree of involvement, and a good response rate. While software like Buffer can help you out, at the end of the day you need a massive amount of content. A virtual assistant can create and schedule posts so your social media can stay active without you constantly have to be logged in. They can also reply to customers and other who may be reaching out to you.  

 5.       Reports

So you do the work, it all comes together, and you want to have a way to share what you've done? Having successful presentations and reports is vital when showing your business to potential clients, partners, and others but, like everything else, putting together reports and presentations takes time. A virtual assistant can compile data, and put it together into a clean effective presentation that can represent you.  

By bringing a virtual assistant on board you can focus on getting the important stuff done, while not having to worry about the rest, allowing you to spend valuable time on what really matters: growing your business.