Virtual Office Technology – An Affordable Tech Solution

December 15, 2015 | Jennifer Goodwyn

Virtual offices are becoming more and more popular among businesses and organizations for one simple reason: affordability. Rather than lease or rent a physical office space in a reputed location, a virtual office offers the opportunity to have a high profile address in the city of your choice and at a fraction of what it would cost to rent or lease such an address. But what makes virtual offices work in the first place is technology. Find out how virtual offices allow you to stay productive and connected so you can avoid the cost of paying for a physical location.

Voice Systems

Virtual offices typically offer both voice over (VoIP) and plain old telephony systems (POTS). These services ensure that you stay connected to colleagues, clients and your own virtual receptionist. Additionally, video conferencing is made easy so you can conduct face time meetings when visual communication is necessary.


Servcorp's OneFone makes it easy you to take calls from your desktop, tablet and smartphone so you can take care of business anytime, anywhere. OneFone is a portable and cost-effective VoIP technology that turns your computer, smart phone or tablet into your personal business phone. Stay connected with customers and associates without having to worry about costs associated with international mobile roaming or the hassle of having to manage multiple phone numbers.


An obvious necessity for any office, be it physical or virtual, but Servcorp takes voicemail to new levels for the remote employee. Implement custom call transfers, set up message notifications and never miss a message with voicemail to email capabilities.


Exclusive to Servcorp clients, OneFax is an easy-to-use fax-to-email technology. This gives you complete mobility to securely send and receive faxes from the convenience of your computer. As simple as opening an email, this new technology will fit perfectly with your existing work flow.

As virtual office technology continues to advance, it will become easier and easier to stay connected while working remotely. Call Servcorp today to speak to a representative about our technology solutions and tech support team.