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Why Your Virtual Office Should Think Carefully About Its Business Address

March 29, 2016 | Jennifer Goodwyn

Keeping business and home life separated is hard as it is, but it is even more challenging if you are working from home. One of the most important steps to take if you have a virtual business is to have a business address that is different from your home address. From organization to privacy, to professionalism, keeping these two separated can work wonders.

 1.       Privacy

One of the most important issues is privacy. Business addresses are public, and you'd probably prefer to keep your home address private. If you put your home address on your website, your business cards, or on your advertisements, anyone who sees it will have access to that information. If you have a separate business address, angry customers may just find a private mailbox instead of you and your pet, working from home.

 2.       Organization


Keeping a separate work and business addresses will help keep everything organized. Mail piles up, especially when you use one address for everything. By using a separate business address, you can have your business documents stay separate and together. If you use a private mailbox service, they will often alert you when a package comes in, so you do not have to be constantly checking your front doorstep.

 3.       Professionalism

First impressions matter. PO boxes may not give you the impression you are looking for, and a home address would not be any better. By having a professional address, your business will look more official overall. You want to give your customers the impression that you are established and that any mail they send to you will be quickly handled. Having a professional address is an excellent way to instill confidence in your business among your customers.

 4.       Reliability

Packages can get lost if they are delivered to your front door, and you do not want a high-value package going to your neighbors. By having a business address, you know when your packages get there, and there will always be someone there to sign for them. Outsourcing this aspect of your business to professionals guarantees reliability and allows you to focus on your work.

 5.       Convenience

Just because you work from home does not mean that you are there all the time. If you are often traveling, putting the responsibility for your mail in the hands of a professional service is clearly a better option than asking a friend or family member to help. Additionally, you can plan ahead and deal with your mail all at once instead of always doing it incrementally. You can also discard any junk mail or solicitations outside of the house, as opposed to letting them clutter up your office or living spaces.

Having a business address is one of the first steps you should take while setting up your business. The small amount of time you put into this now could greatly help you in the long run.