Why Creative Professionals Thrive in Coworking Spaces

March 30, 2016 | Jennifer Goodwyn

Where do you go when working at home is lonely, but the office is holding you back? Technology is breaking down the walls of the traditional idea of an office. Coworking spaces offer a unique opportunity to be surrounded by other professionals while working in a creative environment. Employees are no longer tethered to a desk and constricted to office spaces, rather they work in spaces where their ideas can run freely.

According to Time Magazine “It's the authentic sense of community where intrinsically motivated people who experience a sense of purpose in their work and thrive together that substantiates the coworking movement.” Coworking offers a third space, somewhere between the home and the office. As creatives, being around other people can help stimulate your ideas if you get stuck or need a second opinion. Some spaces have mini cafes and bars so their members can enjoy drinks and snacks without having to leave. They are multi-use spaces, from holding weekly meetings, to using the space as an everyday office or a spot to go to when the local cafes are too crowded. So, why should you use a coworking space?

1.       Community

Being around other creatives is stimulating, especially creatively. Coworking spaces enable a community value on success, growth, productivity, and creativity. Being around other people who are looking to succeed will push you to do more and be the best version of yourself. There are people around you that are not only capable of but willing to help. Coworking spaces bring together people in different industries, from solopreneurs to small companies. The space may also help members by providing state-of-the-art equipment and some host social nights where you can put the laptop away and get to know the people around you. The communal space allows you to gain valuable connections that you would not have if you were working in a traditional workspace.

2.       Flexibility

Working from home and working from the office both pose constraints. With the strict 9-5 office hours, there may be a sense of quantity over quality, with employees sitting idly watching the clock until the end of their shift. When working from home, you will never be able to get away from work since it lives with you. Coworking offices often have flexible hours, and you can have a different experience every time you go in. Whether it is choosing the window seat or a community table, or going for coffee or trying out a new tea, there's a variety of options at a coworking space. You can change things up and make yourself more comfortable each and every time you “go to the office.”

3.       A Sense of Professionalism

We are all familiar with the phrase “you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have”- but why dress up if you can work from home in your pajamas? If important work documents wind up in the laundry bin, and you are tired of getting distracted by what's on TV, perhaps the professionalism of a coworking space could work in your favor. According to the New York Times, the collective organization of work spaces found in a coworking space are ideal places for entrepreneurs of all types to flesh out business plans or bounce creative ideas off each other. Regardless of your industry or work background, a coworking space can help make you feel (and look) more professional to yourself, your coworkers, and clients.

A good coworking space is really about the people above everything. People at these spaces are engaged and believe their work is meaningful. This kind of environment fosters productivity and growth. To help start your search, Servcorp offers coworking spaces in top of the line locations all over the world.