Which Type of Office Space is Right for You?

October 19, 2015 | Jennifer Goodwyn

There are numerous options to consider when it comes to renting office space. From serviced offices, to virtual offices, to shared working spaces to meeting room rentals, today's work space options for employees and businesses can accommodate almost any budget, taste, preference and need.

Executive Suites

Executive suites are serviced offices that offer the convenience of a fully furnished and IT-equipped office at an affordable and flexible billing rate. This is a prudent option for those who'd like to operate from a physical location, but wish to avoid the high cost and contractual obligations that come with a traditional office lease.  Many executive suites come with a dedicated receptionist, a welcome reception area and access to meeting and conference rooms. If your job requires you to meet regularly with business associates and clients, an executive suite will more than suffice for all of your office space needs.

Virtual Offices

Arguably the most cost-effective form of office space, a virtual office is a work environment that relies on web-based communication and computing technologies that allow the user to work remotely. Virtual offices typically come with a business address, phone line and virtual answering service. You can even find virtual office packages that provide limited access to meeting rooms, private offices and a shared working space. Ideal for start-ups and employees on the go, a virtual office space will meet all of your office needs while you work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

Coworking Space

Coworking spaces, also known as a shared working spaces, are becoming increasingly popular. Shared working spaces appeal mostly to work-at-home professionals, independent contractors or those who travel frequently. Unlike a traditional office environment, a coworking space is usually shared by workers who are not employed by the same organization. Aside from the savings associated with a coworking space, workers who choose this type of office space enjoy access to a phone, fax and internet connection.

Meeting Rooms

Although not a long-term office space option, meeting room rentals allow businesses and employees to rent a meeting space for a designated amount of time. Usually paid by the hour, renting meeting rooms is a viable option for those who need an accommodating space to hold one-off client meetings, to meet with business colleagues or to celebrate company wins. If your place of employment doesn't have a meeting room with the space or technology suited for the occasion, renting a meeting room is a great, cost-saving option.