The Top Ten Companies That Use Virtual Offices

March 23, 2016 | Jennifer Goodwynn

More and more people are ditching the office and moving towards virtual office platforms. By breaking out of the strict sense of the word “office,” businesses can reduce operating costs and attain talent from around the world. The use of a virtual office can help develop a company culture of quality instead of quantity since employees usually aren't judged by some hours they are in the office but on the quality of the work they do. Many companies have started to experiment with the concept of a virtual office; here are some you may find interesting.

Art & Logic

This custom software development business has worked with clients such as Google, NASA, NBC, and Apple in the past, and has been a “virtual team” since their founding in 1991. By using virtual offices, Art & Logic can hire the best coders and designers in the business, not just the ones that live near them.


Basecamp is a project management platform intended to help keep everyone on the same page. Their purpose is to simplify processes for the customer, by making everything easier and more efficient. It is only fitting that they also use virtual offices to keep everyone productive. Their 50-something employees are spread out across 32 cities around the world. Their office may be in Chicago, but everyone at Basecamp is free to live and work wherever they please.


You know Mozilla for Firefox, but their larger purpose is to build a better internet. Their platform is built on global collaboration and innovation, and most of the jobs on their career page are for remote positions. With 13 global offices and people working in more than 30 countries around the world, they truly are a global company.


Buffer is a highly effective social media management tool that helps businesses maximize their reach. One of the perks listed on their jobs page is that staffers can “move or live anywhere” and they encourage employees to choose the place on Earth where they are the happiest. They believe in growth and freedom, and they drive these values home by having employees located around the world. 


Clevertech is in the business of changing the game through technological solutions. Having worked with clients such as Barclays and Bloomberg, their goal is to take an idea and make it a reality. By having over 130 staff members worldwide, they are at the forefront of the virtual office world and continue to expand each and every year globally.


10up engineers great content. Their goal is to be continually improving through strategy, design, and engineering. By ignoring zip codes while looking for talent, they can find the best people that fit the company and job description. With employees all over the world, they are able to be more flexible with both clients and the jobs they accept.


The creators of WordPress, Automattic believes in OpenSource. They identify themselves as a “distributed company, democratizing publishing, and development.” WordPress gives average people the platform to put out and share content all over the world. By not limiting their employee search and employing talented people all over the world, they can connect with different markets and content.


This e-learning software is all about community. Their software helps educators author courses, and they have worked with high profile clients, including Stanford and Google, in the past. By utilizing virtual offices, they can connect with clients all over the world.


Batchbook is a tool to help small businesses connect with, manage, and grow their customer relationships. Their CRM software helps companies stay organized and productive, and they only have a couple of requirements for their employees: they must love the Internet and enjoy having a flexible schedule. Employees span the United States, and their clients span the world.


Sqwiggle is an online collaboration software for teams on the go. Offering conference calls, file sharing, chat, and more, Sqwiggle teams connect and continue to create. Their employees reflect their company values by working out of virtual offices and coworking spaces all over the country.