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The Benefits of Utilising Executive Suites (and What Your Business Stands to Gain from Using Them)

Often seen as a luxury for use by those in more lucrative fields, many small businesses have yet to consider the benefits offered by executive office spaces as anything more than a potential future investment. With that in mind, utilising these services can have a resoundingly positive effect on business growth and development, especially in the formative stages of a startup.

1. Prestige

Regardless of whether or not you can gather an accurate understanding of business from where they operate, it certainly does not stop potential clients from making judgements. For smaller firms, those that have not quite reached the stage in their growth that can facilitate the costs associated with professional office spaces, the idea of a luxurious pay-as-you-go alternative is undoubtedly going to be of interest.

It is one of the main benefits of executive office space, allowing you to leave a lasting impression on businesses and clients alike, but it can also give your employees a feeling of potential growth that is often lost when working from more humble surroundings.

2. Flexibility

Of course, in the volatile initial stages of any business, it is not necessarily wise to sign the dotted line for something that you may not have the capital to maintain. It is why, whether funding is a concern, many companies tend not to find a semi-permanent residency until the end of their first year. However, this leaves the question of what you do in the meantime.

By their nature, executive offices stand as a perfect solution to this conundrum.

Offering short-term leases for fully catered spaces, executive offices make up for their slightly higher rates with little obligation, full services, stylish surroundings and an easy out if things begin to turn in unforeseen ways. It also accommodates businesses who are expecting fast growth shortly, leading to our next boon:

3. Testing the Waters

For any business owner that has gotten the itch for international expansion, the idea of signing a two-year lease can be beyond stifling. That said, executive office solutions not only give you the freedom to make short-term commitments, they are also an international service. This gives you the ability to test your marketing strategies in different parts of the world, and personally build connections in industry hubs you may have otherwise not had the chance to become professionally acquainted with.

4. No Need to Wait

One of the big things that can hinder business in the early stages of moving into an office is the setup process. Every day, new companies are moving into office spaces that are just not equipped for the work that needs to be done, leading to an excessive amount of downtime that many client-driven industries cannot afford.

To do away with this concern, executive offices came pre-fitted and maintained with all the technological advancements a business may need to work efficiently and effectively from the moment they step through the door. It means that not only is their minimal setup time but often the equipment provided is more effective than that which the business itself has access.

While it can appear as though serviced offices run the risk of being an additional investment for businesses on a shoestring budget, the benefits offered by these services far outweigh the initial monetary cost.