Office Online - How Virtual Offices Can Be Used to Jumpstart Your Next Venture

As business owners, we have been continuously told about the importance of structure in forming a productive, profitable business venture. While this is true to an extent, the current industry paradigm does show some cracks in the veneer of a 9-5 work day that should not go unaddressed. Virtual offices, digital locations for businesses to collaborate through online platforms, have come as an answer to a lot of these issues, giving companies a new way to consider the archetypal business structures that have maintained dominance over the last century.

1. Doing Away With the Daily Commute

On average, workers in the US spend around 25.4 minutes twice daily solely through transportation to and from their place of employment. When looked at in this way, the amount of time may seem negligible. However, this time is considered a critical factor in worker dissatisfaction and equates to hundreds of hours a year being spent idly in traffic or on overly packed public transport. In short, very few people enjoy having to travel extended distances for employment.

Virtual offices do away with this notion, giving your workforce the ability to work remotely from wherever they feel the most comfortable.

2. Casting a Wider Net

In very sterile terms, businesses with designated workplaces need employees that have access to that workplace. It means you are not necessarily getting the best person for the job; you’re just getting the best person within a 50km radius. With that in mind, virtual offices do not necessitate geographical convenience, allowing you to find the best possible candidate regardless of their location.

3. A Plea For Flexibility

When working the standard 9-5, it may add consistency and structure to your business, but it does not necessarily work to the strengths of those employed there. The 8-hour workday was introduced in the early 20th century, as a way to boost productivity and output on production lines.

It may have been a resounding success at the time, but does not necessarily translate well to the modern business paradigm.

That is because, for the most part, office hours are not spent as tests of physical and psychological fortitude as they once were, with businesses requiring innovation and creative thinking to maintain relevancy.

Virtual offices allow employees to function with their strengths, working at times that they are sure to be the most engaged with their tasks. As has been stated repeatedly, busyness is not synonymous with productivity.

It is only a small smattering of benefits to be gained from working with virtual offices, but it should give you an introduction to the boons that online workplaces can provide. While many businesses will be rightly hesitant about fully transitioning from face to face company life into digital discourse, there is much to be gained from incorporating virtual solutions into your current strategies. Good luck!