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Is Virtual Office a Safe Bet for New Companies?

May 22, 2014 | Jennifer Goodwyn

If your employee roster consists of “me, myself, and I”, renting full-time office space may seem like a waste. In the past, it was virtually impossible for small businesses and entrepreneurs to have access to the same professional resources as major corporations. Now, thanks to the popularity of virtual offices, even the smallest of businesses can enjoy state-of-the-art technology and professional meeting rooms. In a digital age where traditional business rules apply less and less, small companies around the world are proving that with the right tools, they can experience success in the marketplace.

If you're considering utilizing the services of a virtual office, you may be wondering if it is a safe bet for you and your company. The last thing an entrepreneur wants is to be sucked into a long-term contract or duped into falling for something that's too good to be true. Below are just a few reasons why small businesses should consider utilizing the services of a virtual office.

Secure Offices with Short Term Leases

Looking past the overhead costs of a traditional lease, there's an element of risk involved in long-term contracts. A multi-year contract may lock you into a space for several years and, if you decide to vacate early, you're sure to face financial penalties. With a virtual office, you'll have the flexibility to scale up, cut back, or cut ties with the service provider altogether. While anyone or any type of business can benefit from using these services, there are particular benefits for small business owners and start-ups who have little to no funds for overhead and expenses. Additionally, if you're a small business looking to test the waters prior to moving to a new location, a virtual office may be your best solution.

Privacy and Safety

With a virtual office, you won't have to give out your personal phone number or address to customers. Nothing is worse than an irate customer constantly calling your cell phone, or knowing they could show up at your private residence at any time. By utilizing a virtual office, your privacy will be protected and you'll have a professional registered business address and phone number for your customers to use instead. Many customers feel safer having important documents and packages sent to a virtual office as opposed to sitting on their porch all day. A virtual office company will have completely secure offices and will ensure that your mail is stored in a safe place, away from the prying eyes of the neighbors.

Promotes Efficiency, On All Levels

In a society where instant gratification is valued, it's important to keep current and potential clients happy. By utilizing the services of a virtual office, you can be productive anywhere and at any time. In some cases, virtual assistants work around the clock to make sure your calls are answered in a professional manner, and you'll have 24/7 access to voicemail. Since work is no longer completed at a static workspace, work can be completed as seen fit. Many employers who use virtual offices claim they see an increase in both the quantity and quality of work produced. Employees who work in this type of atmosphere won't be distracted by ringing phones or gossipy co-workers.

Technology may make it seem like the world around us is shrinking, but one thing is for certain – the use of virtual offices are only growing in popularity. When backed by a virtual office, your small business can maintain a professional image without the costs or hassles of full-time leases.