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How Your Business Address Can Affect Your Bottom Line

November 26, 2015 | Jennifer Goodwyn

In business, perception goes a long way. Therefore, it is important to not only be concerned about the tangible elements of your company, but the intangible as well. How people think about your business and its level of professionalism will not only depend on how smart your marketing strategies are – it will also depend on what your business address says about your company.

Location Speaks Volumes

Your company's location will help outsiders to form an opinion of your business. Whereas some companies are okay keeping their startup in low-cost and low-profile areas, others may wish to operate from a business location that is pertinent to their industry space. For example, tech companies may seek locations in San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles in order to establish credibility. Similarly, financial service companies may wish to operate from prominent business districts that will create trust in the minds of future clients.

Establish Credibility at a Low Cost

It is a common misconception that a high-profile and highly sought business address only comes at a high price. If you are a young company looking to establish credibility but lack the capital to lease in a popular business area, a virtual business address can help you to achieve this goal. Virtual offices can provide a prominent business address to call your own. Work remotely and benefit from having a popular piece of real estate on all of your marketing collateral. This is also an excellent option for travelling executives or consultants, who do not have a permanent home but could benefit from having a renowned business address on their contact information.

Let Your Business Address Help You Network

For any business, networking is a prime component of growth. With a business address that's home to numerous budding companies like your own, you are more likely to meet people who can help your company succeed. Although a virtual office will not provide you with a permanent office space, most virtual office services include access to meeting rooms, shared working spaces as well as personal offices. This will give you the opportunity for personal interaction with professionals from various backgrounds who could potentially provide a service for you and your company sometime in the future.

The value of perception should not be underestimated. Choose your business address – whether physical or virtual – wisely and see what a prominent business address can do for the growth of your company.