How to Make Coworking Spaces Work for Your life (& Budget)

March 30, 2016 | Jennifer Goodwyn

If you are sick of being tied down to a desk, but you do not want to bring your work home with you, what are your options? Lucky for you, coworking has continued to grow as an office alternative and is now available in cities all over the world. Different coworking spaces will fit your life in a variety of ways. A high-end space may offer added benefits but can be harder on the budget, while less expensive spaces can be full of distractions. Fortunately, there's a coworking space that will fit your life and your budget, it is just a matter of finding it. When looking for a coworking space, here are some things to pay attention to.

1.       Focus on Function

A coworking space that doesn't have the functions you need isn't going to be a good space for you. While there may always be a fancier space out there, if it gets the job done, then it gets the job done. Some features to focus on are a stable WiFi connection, good location, and a good amount of seating. If you are a graphic designer, does space have the printing capabilities or software you need? Do the hours of operation work for you? If you cannot live without a constant stream of soy cappuccinos, then space without a cafe is also a no-go. A coworking space is an investment and, just like with any other investment, you need to weigh your options.

2.       Community Matters

If you plan on getting work done in a coworking space, you should feel comfortable. The most expensive workspaces may feel cold to you while a local startup workspace may feel too much like a college rec room. When choosing a space, see how you feel. Do you like the people? Can you see yourself being able to focus? Is this community you want to be a part of? If it is not, keep looking. Ask if you can work in space for a day on a free trial basis to make sure space is compatible with your work style and needs.

3.       Price

At the end of the day, a good coworking space is one you can afford. While weighing the pros and cons of each space, make sure you pay attention to how it will fit into your budget. Bankrupting yourself to pay for a high-end space will not give you the success or advantages you are looking for. An option that is often ignored when looking for a coworking space is starting your own. At the end of the day, a coworking space is an office location that's shared with a group of people. If you are thinking about starting one of your own, that is where you should start.

4.       Location, Location, Location

For your space to be successful, you should work out of an accessible, central location. It is your choice, so why choose to get stuck in traffic on the way to work? According to Entrepreneur, you'll want a space that is convenient, safe, and easy to find. If you get lost on the way to work, can't find parking, have to take an Uber from the train station to the office, or feel unsafe during your lunchtime walk, perhaps you should consider finding a coworking space that's in a different location. 

5.       Less is More

When starting out, focus on functionality. Focus on finding a space that works, before concentrating on the bells and whistles. A strong foundation provides a better opportunity for good growth than starting with the bells and whistles and hoping everything else falls into place. At the end of the day, coworking spaces are what you make of them, or what you turn them into. There is the perfect coworking space out there for you, and to help you start your hunt, Servcorp offers coworking spaces in premium locations all over the world.