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Business Hours - A Guide to the Virtues of Remote Working

For many of us, the idea of waking up to a long morning commute can feel more arduous than the work itself, which has been a repeating issue for employees globally since before the industrial revolution. While the 9-5 work week does indeed create a framework that benefits the structure lovers among us, we can quite often forget that busyness does not necessarily equal productivity.

Luckily, the age of digital networks has allowed us alternatives in a way that would have appeared impossible just a few short decades ago, as many businesses have found new methods of collaboration through remote working.

What is Remote Working?

Though the archetype of the modern company still revolves around office buildings filled with fervently busy workers; online services are now being utilised by many businesses for less intimate collaborative options. In short, remote working involves workers performing their duties from home offices or places outside the confines of a standard workplace.

This can be achieved through a wide variety of means including, but not limited to, virtual offices.

What is There to Be Gained By Using These Services?

As you may imagine, taking the issue of proximity out of the business paradigm can have a huge array of boons for the modern business.


Beginning with the most basic of benefits, removing the need for a central place of business also removes the need for workers to commute. Not only does this take away one of the more pressing factors individuals tend to consider when choosing employment, it also allows employees to complete their tasks in whichever environment they find most comfortable to do so.


A point that is rarely discussed when referring to business expenses, likely due to it being considered a necessity of successful business, renting an office space is often an enormous investment, especially when your workforce begins to grow. As virtual offices and remote working do away with this yearly dent in your revenue, it allows you to put more capital back into your venture.

Widening the Net

When we decide to employ new staff into our team, we do so believing we have chosen the best possible person for the job. However, in reality, the pool of potential candidates we are choosing from is dictated by geographical convenience. Your business’ perfect fit may be in the same city as you are, but if their commute would outweigh the benefits of choosing you as their employer, they are likely to simply not apply.

This may not be the route for everyone, as there are many who enjoy the structure and formal nature of office life. With that said, the benefits of remote working options should not be discounted when planning to develop your venture in the future.