Increase Employee Loyalty with These Unusual Perks

October 23, 2014 | Jennifer Goodwyn

When the time comes to hire new employees, they may ask about a 401(k) plan and health insurance, but what about sabbaticals, pet sitting, and laundry services? National surveys show that 95 percent of Americans consider a job's perks and benefits before deciding to either stay in their current position or abandon it for a more lucrative offer with better benefits. In order to attract (and keep) the best talent, companies are getting more and more creative with the amenities they provide. Here's some unique job perks that encourage employee loyalty, better health, and overall job satisfaction.


If your company is located in an area where employees rely heavily on public transportation, consider prorating their monthly transportation fees or offering some sort of clean commuting benefits. Although transportation perks typically entail discounts on subway or bus fares, some companies offer cash bonuses to employees who get to work by walking, biking, or riding transit. Not only does this decrease the amount of time your employees spend stressed out in traffic, but it encourages employees to think about the impact of their environmental footprints.

Concierge Services

Do you ever feel like it's difficult to take care of life's errands while mastering the infamous work/life balance? Chances are the answer is “yes”, and your employees probably feel the exact same way. By providing an on-site concierge service to handle the errands of your employees, your employees might actually find time to enjoy their life outside of work. While common concierge services include making travel arrangements, sending packages, and ordering flowers, they can include everything from taking cars to the mechanic to picking up groceries at the store.

Keep an Eye on Health

While providing free snacks is a great employee perk, it can make sticking to a healthy eating plan difficult for health-conscious employees. In an effort to combat this issue, some companies serve up complimentary desk-side fruit and veggie delivery, in addition to stocking up employee fridges with subsidized organic drinks and juices. You can take the health initiative a step further by providing an on-site gym, tennis court, or basketball courts. If your office is small or your employees work in a virtual office, consider providing free gym memberships to your employees instead.

Laundry Service

If you notice your employees have a tough time showing up for work on time, consider a laundry incentive. Simply provide your employees with a large laundry bag, and let them know that everything they can fit inside will be washed, folded, and returned to them the next day – but wait, there's a catch: the bags will only be collected before 10 AM on Monday mornings. Not only is this type of laundry service is a huge time-saver for employees, but it entices them to make it to work on time and ensures they'll be looking great for their next face-to-face with a client.

Event Tickets

Is your office located near a sports venue or concert arena? If so, snatch up season tickets to games or, even better, get access to a permanent box suite. Event tickets and box suites are a double-edged sword: not only can your employees enjoy great entertainment, but you can entertain potential clients visiting from out of town. If you don't live near a major metro district, you can still treat your employees to a matinee showing at the movies, a competitive afternoon at the bowling alley, or casual conversation over dinner and drinks – all compliments of the company, of course.