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The past years have shown a significant increase in remote working trends. Everyone from the employers to the employee have seen flexibility and opportunity from the ability to work from home, and this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has cemented that it’s here to stay.

If working from home tips you over the edge of sanity, you’re not alone.

Not so long ago, working from home (or telecommuting from your favourite coffee shop) topped many employees’ wish lists. Who didn’t relish the thought of ditching their grinding commute in favour of a gentler ease into the working day, sans public transport, endless face-to-face meetings, and tight deadlines?

And then the world changed.

Sanda Grozdanic started with Servcorp as Center Manager, 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue over five years ago. Overseeing operation and sales, we sit down with Sanda to see how business is evolving and leading through the next normal.

When the announcement by Mayor Lori Lightfoot that Chicago would advance to Phase 3 of the re-opening process, the Servcorp Chicago team moved quickly to prepare the floor to ensure it was safe for returning clients.

You better be ready to debate the best Philly cheesesteak if you are planning a trip to, or renting a virtual office in, the city of Philadelphia. Also referred to as the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia is just a short ride away from New York and one of the absolute highlights of the East Coast.

Servcorp has locations all over the world, at your fingertips. If work allows you to travel, work worldwide in style in some of our incredible locations. We take pride in our addresses, and each and every location offers something a little different.

San Francisco is known for more than its fog; it is also known for the incredible food you can find all over the city. The Financial District may be home to incredible businesses and fantastic views, but its food cannot be beaten.

How could you find a better office location than steps away from Central Park, right next to the Museum of Modern Art? On lunch breaks, you can step out into the city, or take a coffee break and stroll through the park.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and Dallas is no exception. With good weather and a good culture, Dallas is a great place to spend time. The beautiful city is in an ideal location, with trips to Austin, New Orleans, and other cities just a good drive or short flight away.

Burnout in the workplace is a common issue that employers and employees have to deal with all the time. Perhaps you've experienced it yourself or have seen the signs with others in your workplace.